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CSTS 2020

CSTS 2020 which will be the new requirement for most work sites.

Hello Members,
CSTS 09 is being upgraded to a new version: CSTS 2020 which will be the new requirement for most work sites.
Members can upgrade to CSTS 2020 for FREE through the Alberta Construction Safety Association 
Tony Wassill
Training Coordinator
Local 222

The union training center is one of the best investments the union makes, and it’s one of the best benefits you can get as a member. Why? Because the better trained you are, the more you are worth!

The primary focus of the training division is to:

Offer Plasterer/Fireproofer Apprentice Training

Provide our members the necessary safety training to meet job site requirements

Develop/enhance skill sets for both the Plasterer/Fireproofer and Cement Mason members.

Training Center

17307 – 106 AVE
Edmonton, Alberta T5S 1E7
Phone: 780-490-4327

Hours: 7:30 – 4:00pm

Training Coordinator: Tony Wassill
Cell: 780-236-5144
Email: twassill@local222.com

Trainee – 1-500 hours employed in the trade | Trainee must first accummulate 500 hours

First year – 500 – 2000 hours employed in the trade | Level 1 training must be obtained

Second year – 2000 – 3500 hours employed in the trade | Level 2 training must be obtained

Third year – 3500 – 5000 hours employed in the trade | Level 3 training must be obtained

Journeyman – 5000 + hours employed in the trade

An apprentice is only allowed one change in rate/training classification per year.

This change is to occur on or after the member’s Anniversary date.

Anniversary date revolves. It is the date that the last rate change occurred and is based on:

Achieving at least the minimum work hours per level, plus;

Attending the appropriate training course as approved by the JATC and pass each subsequent exam, plus;

The date you return to work / start working again. 
This date then becomes the new anniversary date and subsequently the rate change takes effect. It also identifies the date in which the Training Center uses to determine your eligibility for the next training level.

Training eligibility is based on:

Achieving at least the minimum work hours per Level.

Your previous training level

Proven work experience hours

How the Apprentice Rate Change criteria relates to your training

How we schedule classes

Classes are typically scheduled the last week in September. We use the Union Hall records to identify each members’ accumulated hours and level of completed training, as of Sept 1st as a means to setup and pre-enrol individuals into classes.

Typically those members with the highest number of hours will be scheduled first.

“Trainee” members with less than 500 hours as of Sept. 1st will not initially be registered into a class. However, if you are still working and close to the 500 hours once training starts, we encourage you to call the Training Center to check class availability as there are occasions when there is an opening or we can put you on the waitlist.

Classes are limited and based on the number of apprentices in each level.

Once classes are setup, the schedule is mailed out to each student, using the mailing address in your record at the Union Hall. Thus, it is your responsibility to keep the Union Hall or the Training Center updated of your contact information.

When you receive your ‘school’ letter, call the Training Center to advise us if you will be available to attend the assigned class date or if you require re-scheduling.

Failure to notify the Training Center could potentially result in you missing training for the year.

Please understand that classes are limited and there is a waiting list.

If we do not get a confirmation from you, within 3 weeks prior to the class date, you may lose your seat.

If you have an email address, please let us know as we would like to be able to send “reminder notices” for classes.