The fireproofing industry is committed to the development of fireproofing training through the Operative Plasterers & Cement Masons International Association (OPCMIA) Local 222 Union, and employers. A Joint Apprenticeship Training Committee (JATC) was formed, allowing the JATC to address funding and basic safety training essentials. They are committed to a program of fireproofing training to further the development of trade skills.  


To contribute to the advancement and to add value to the plastering trade by promoting and providing quality technical and safety training.

Local 222’s Fireproofing Apprenticeship Program is the first in its class in North America. We have members from across Canada attending our school for fireproofing training.

We currently offer 3 levels of training:

Level 1

Is an introduction to self development in terms of on-the-job roles and relationships

Importance of safety and its culture

Basic trade math fundamentals

Fireproofing applications, materials and equipment

Introduction to blueprinting; sketching, perspectives and terminology

Level 2

Additional trade math fundamentals

More in-depth interpretation of structural blueprints

Hands-on workshop

Level 3

Develop an understanding of the relationship between cost, blueprinting reading and material estimating

Note: Apprenticeship training can only be obtained through membership to Local 222.

To apply for membership, click the “Membership “ tab at the top of the screen.

Any questions around apprenticeship training, contact:
Tony Wassill
Training Coordinator for Local 222
Edmonton, Alberta
Tel (780) 490-4327.
Email: twassill@local222.com