Prairie Trowel Trades Institute (PTTI)

PTTI provides Technical Training for Concrete Finisher Apprentices.
Prospective students wishing to attend must be registered with Alberta Apprenticeship and Industry Training (AIT) and meet eligibility requirements (see below).

To register, go to: https://tradesecrets.alberta.ca/

Apprenticeship training consists of 2 periods of technical training.
Apprentices attend school for 4 weeks a year Monday to Friday for a total of 120 instruction hours per period.
Technical training is based on the AIT 2022 Concrete Finisher Curriculum Guide.
PTTI’s first & second period Concrete Finishing programs are recognized as equivalent training to the first & second period Concrete Finisher apprenticeship technical training under section 6(2) of the Skilled Trades and Apprenticeship Education Act.
Upon completion apprentices are required to gain 1200 on the job hours for each level they are completing.

Location: Edmonton, AB
Tuition & fees:  OPCMIA members: 450.00 + $450.00 shop & classroom materials fee
Non-members: $475.00 + $475.00 shop & classroom materials fee
For more information: contact PTTI Director of Training: Tony Wassill – Email: information@ptti.ca
Apprenticeship course dates: Class dates can be found on Mytradesecrets.com 

Entrance Requirements: English 10-2 and Math 10-3 or A pass mark in all five Canadian General Educational Development (GED) or Canadian Adult Education Credential (CAEC) tests or Entrance Exam

For more information on the entrance exam content please visit: Entrance Exam Study Guide

Apprentices must maintain their records of on the job hours through AIT’s blue Record Book (or Competence Portfolio) system. Record Books are mailed out when you complete your registration as an apprentice with AIT and records are submitted through your My Tradesecrets account

Employment Insurance for Apprentices: PTTI’s Apprenticeship Training is recognized as a Red Seal Program and the Canada Revenue Agency recognizes our program’s attendees to be eligible to claim Employment Insurance (EI) while attending.

Please refer to CRA’s eligibility to see qualification requirements: Employment Insurance for apprentices – Canada.ca 

Upon application you will be asked for a reference code. This can be found in your mytradesecrets account once you have registered for a period of training.

Financial Assistance Government Grants: Grants are available through the Government of Canada. There are incentive, completion, and other grants available. Please review this link.